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Amron Architectural is the Architectural and Interior Design division of Amron Associates Limited. Amron is a trusted supplier and manufacturer of products for the architectural and interior design industry worldwide and is able to present to its clients one of the most varied product ranges in the world. Amron has been providing innovative solutions for architectural and interior design applications for over a decade and is constantly developing and introducing new products into the marketplace.

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Service Yard – Hallsville Quarter


A new town centre is being created to establish a lasting legacy for Canning Town. In conjunction with the London Borough of Newham, Linkcity and other associated project partners they are delivering one of the most exciting and significant town centre regeneration projects in London. Amron was involved in the first phase of the project working to Contrasol‘s design and supplying Zircon expanded mesh panels to provide a unique and modern appearance to protect a service yard.

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Bringing texture to architecture


November 4th 2015

Texture in architecture is aimed to enhance both optical and tactile elements to buildings and surroundings. The optical texture of a building refers to its visual characteristics from afar, such as windows, sweeping curves, corners and voids. The tactile texture refers to the closer materials that can be physically touched, such as stone or glass building materials, […]

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The use of colour in architecture


November 3rd 2015

Colour is an integral element of our world, not just in the natural environment but also in the man-made architectural environment and has played a role in the human evolutionary process. Throughout the ages, the evolution of man is often depicted by its harnessing of new materials, from Stone-age to Bronze-age to Iron-age. The use of […]

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