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Amron Architectural is the Architectural and Interior Design division of Amron Associates Limited. Amron is a trusted supplier and manufacturer of products for the architectural and interior design industry worldwide and is able to present to its clients one of the most varied product ranges in the world. Amron has been providing innovative solutions for architectural and interior design applications for over a decade and is constantly developing and introducing new products into the marketplace.

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Wire Belt Company of America – External Facade


Amron was tasked with providing a metal mesh solution for Wire Belt Company of America. Wire Belt were looking for a cost effective yet aesthetical product that would help compliment the new office space recently added to their factory. The chosen product was one that Wire Belt manufacture in house but sell as a conveyor belt, Amron showcased the products aesthetical features and also the hidden solar shading benefits that it offered to the building.

The mesh was manufactured from Stainless Steel so that it would endure the tough environmental conditions it would face, without rusting or changing appearance. During the day the sunlight shines on the mesh giving the building a unique appearance and also assisting in reducing the amount of sunlight that enters the office. The building facade then comes to life in a completely different way at night when the blue spot lights hit the mesh to create a stunning focus point for the building.

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November 23rd 2016

Architectural metal mesh can be used for a variety of different applications, it is an extremely popular and versatile product. Common applications include balustrade in fill panels, façade systems, wall cladding and many more. Picking a pattern of metal mesh that looks attractive is easy, however it is crucial that the mesh you choose is […]

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How Metal Mesh Partitions can create a personal space without building barriers


September 9th 2016

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