Expanded Mesh

Expanded mesh applications include exterior facades and wall cladding to both commercial and residential properties throughout the UK and Ireland. Amron products and finishes are also used for interior applications including ceilings, partitioning, in-fill panels for balustrading and space dividers to mention a few. We also work with quality architectural metal workers to create interior sculptures that can be incorporated with water and light features to create beautiful and unique focal points in a room.

Away from the building expanded mesh can be used for a diverse range of applications including: security fencing, garden features, services protection, drainage grilles, street furniture and larger sculptural works of art complete with lighting and water features.

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Metal Mesh Ceilings

Ceiling mesh is an ideal choice to achieve an industrial and contemporary look for any project.

The range is designed so you can replace your current ceiling tiles with our metal mesh ceiling tiles with ease and without replacing your grid system. The tiles can also be installed with new grid systems, such as 15mm and 24mm.

We work direct with architects, designers and contractors on bespoke projects where large open areas are required to be covered. Metal mesh ceiling tiles are ideal for transportation hubs, renovating older builders to help give a modern look and feel and spaces with large ceiling areas.

Each product can be manufactured in a range of different materials and can be finished in a wide range of different finishes and colours.

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Banker Wire

Banker Wire’s manufacturing expertise has been refined for more than a century, bringing unmatched customization, quality, and service to our customers. All of our products embody our commitment to providing the widest variety of wire mesh at an unbeatable value. Nowhere else will you find manufacturing flexibility and precision than Banker Wire.

The range of metal meshes can be used for a wide variety of internal and external applications for the built environment such as balustrades, facades, ceilings, wall panels, partitions, joinery and many more.

There is a vast range of different materials and finishes to choose from so we are certain you will find a product to fulfil your project needs.

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