Metal Mesh Ceilings


Ceiling mesh is an ideal choice to achieve an industrial and contemporary look for any project. The range is designed so you can replace your current ceiling tiles with our metal mesh ceiling tiles with ease and without replacing your grid system. The tiles can also be installed with new grid systems, such as 15mm and 24mm.

We work direct with architects, designers and contractors on bespoke projects where large open areas are required to be covered. Metal mesh ceiling tiles are ideal for transportation hubs, renovating older builders to help give a modern look and feel and spaces with large ceiling areas. Each product can be manufactured in a range of different materials and can be finished in a wide range of different finishes and colours.

Key Attributes
– Create a contemporary and open feel
– Easily retrofit an existing ceiling systems with new metal tiles.
– Fourteen standard designs for 600 x 600mm and 600 x 1200mm ceiling panels.
– Improve air flow within a room.
– Improve lighting conditions within a room.
– Additional sizes, colours and patterns available as bespoke options.
– Simple and easy installation – panels lay in standard 15mm and 24mm grid systems.

Metal Mesh Ceiling Tile Range