We are all about metal mesh and their finishes for architecture and interior design.

The history of Amron is built around our customers. Our humble beginnings as a Husband-and-Wife start-up in 2002, have seen us gain expertise across the built environment and develop relationships with some of the industry’s most influential brands.

At Amron we represent ourselves as a business that understands the built environment, the issues, the people and most importantly, the challenges facing this industry.

With an extensive range of products and knowledge to advise architects and interior designers, our ethos is to influence choice, engage and inspire.

Jonathan Reed

Managing Director

Favourite Film: Gladiator

Enjoys: Work

Dislikes: Fish

Favourite Food: Pizza

We are all about metal meshes and their finishes

Matt King

Sales Manager

Favourite Film : Gladiator

Enjoys: Football & beer

Dislikes: People being untidy

Favourite Food: Curry

First Crush: Cameron Diaz

Honest and reliable

Anthony Millington

Creative Director

Favourite Film: The Italian Job (Original)

Enjoys: Wakeboarding and BMX

Dislikes: Marzipan

Favourite Food: Pasta

First Crush: Debbie Harry

Always putting the customer first

Kate Miles

Operations Manager

Favourite Film: I like a good thriller

Enjoys: A Gin & Tonic

Dislikes: Pork

Favourite Food: Anything Spicy

First Crush: Keanu Reeves

Trusted and knowledgable

Kelly Slociak

PR & Marketing Manager

Favourite Film: An Officer and a Gentleman

Enjoys: Afternoon Tea

Dislikes: Milk

Favourite Food: Pasta

First Crush: Jason Donovan

One phone call and I always get the information I need

Sophie Norley

Digital Media Consultant

Favourite Film: Roman Holiday

Enjoys: Days out with Family

Dislikes: Ironing

Favourite Food: Curry

First Crush: Leonardo Di Caprio

Game changing approach to the mesh industry

Shannon Stewart

Operations Administrator

Favourite Film : Inglourious Basterds

Enjoys: Films, TV & going to the cinema

Dislikes: Eyes

Favourite Food: Curry

First Crush: Draco Malfoy

Always recommend the right products

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