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Create unique spaces with metal mesh dividers

The use of metal mesh partitions is commonly used throughout today’s busy offices and restaurants, creating a personal space without the need for complete isolation.

The popularity of open plan offices has seen the very essence of its design and purpose evolve for over a century, from large open spaces with aligned desks like a school exam hall, to the solid-wall enclosed cubicle,  discouraging communication and day-light alike.

Today’s open plan work ethic is deemed as somewhere between the two, giving staff the inclusiveness of a large open space, whilst clearly marking out the boundaries of personal or communal space.  The use of metal mesh divides or curtains has seen a sharp increase in offices since 2009, following a review into the health of open-plan workers suggesting they are at higher risk to stress and high blood pressure related issues.

In order to encourage a happier and therefore healthier work environment, studies suggest that by dividing the office into organised spaces it allows workers flow around more freely.  Whether you want to go and slouch on the couch with the laptop whilst writing that all important blog or take a break by the window with a coffee, creating a multitude of spaces and environments can be great for productivity and exercising those creative imaginations.

The added benefit of a mesh partition is its openness.  Although it doesn’t have much acoustic benefit, it does allow light and noise to flow freely.  The eerie silence of a supposedly busy office is depressing, so a certain amount of human-hum is desirable so personal and private conversations can still take place without the need to whisper, similar to the desired atmosphere of a buzzing restaurant.


I used the copper mesh screens to define space, add texture and interest within the large open area and create a sense of zoning without losing vision. The copper mesh fitted in perfectly with the scheme where the transmission of light through perforated surfaces and play on texture features throughout. The design of the copper mesh screens allow them to be moved and reconfigured in the future.

Nichola McCann – Cann Creative


Whilst we don’t want to be listening to someone’s run-down of last night’s episode of EastEnders, there can be such a thing as too little noise, so an open mesh wall can create just enough divide to discourage full-blown conversations yet still allow for a bit of social buzz.

Besides from the all the above application benefits, the wide range of metal meshes available on today’s market allows the designer to really achieve much more than just a dividing wall.  Colour, shape, texture and open-area are just a few of the qualities and characteristics that an interior designer would look for when choosing from the huge catalogue of options available.

Gone are the days of having a sea of beige as your 9-5 backdrop!  The beautiful mixes of brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel mesh that are now available really do stand out, making a wall almost something that people willingly want to stare at.