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Make a statement with practical but beautiful staircase design

Staircases are one of the strongest transition elements in architecture, they are designed to connect two spaces, whether it is interior to exterior or different interior levels. The positioning of staircases and stairs in a building has always been critical and an important design factor. The positioning of a staircase in a building is becoming ever more important with modern open plan layouts of houses and office spaces.

Stairs are by far one of the oldest architectural aspects to a building, and they have played a key role in the history of humanity. It is very hard to actually put a date to the invention of stairs but experts believe it was around 6000BC. They appear to change with architectural eras, unveiling the talent and ingenuity of those who have designed and created them.

Staircases respond to the type of society for which they were built, they help inform us about the existing state of the arts, fashion and technology. Over time they have become trademarks and famous landmarks, and can always provide someone with a constant source of inspiration.

In this modern architectural era staircases occupy a special position and can often totally overshadow the building they are a part of. This is due to the skill at which they have been designed, manufactured and installed. When looking at certain staircases you can clearly see the thought process and how far a designer has stretched their human imagination to create something special.

Different types of staircases can draw out different emotions for people, and the most common type of staircase is the straight staircase. It is by far the oldest and most commonly used in private and commercial buildings.

Modern Straight Staircase

There are several different aspects of staircases they can amaze people, whether it is the technical and engineering side (floating or cantilevered treads), to the form and materials used. Helical and elliptical staircase provide visual instant impact as you often think the manufacture of such a staircase is impossible. Whether you realise it or not staircase are an integral part of our daily life.

Architects, designers and staircase manufacturers can spend thousands of hours creating the perfect staircase for a building, pushing the boundaries or what is physically capable to draw out people’s emotions and create visual drama.