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OWA by Amron

We are delighted to announce our partnership with the international suspended ceilings manufacturer, OWA.

The partnership comes as OWA is now expanding its portfolio with a broad range of OWAtecta metal ceiling systems in the UK. This follows specific investments in the further development of products, production processes and services to meet the requirement of UK specifiers and clients. This is a complementary pillar to both the established mineral ceilings of the OWAlifetime collection and the high-end design ceilings of OWAconsult.

Following seismic events such as the Grenfell Tower tragedy and the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK construction industry is especially concerned with the quality and reliability of products. The UK market is receptive to high-quality and trusted ceiling solutions and the growing demand for high-performance metal ceilings is testimony to this realisation.

Jonathan Reed, Director at Amron Architectural says, “Our core value is always the customer. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service and meeting the demand of what is required. Our partnership with OWA will now allow us to deliver on high demands of product development.”

Tim Clark, Specification Sales Manager at OWA UK says, “We always listen to our clients and stay close to our customers, enabling us to recognise and act on highest demands from product to flexible sales support services and logistics arrangements.” Tim continues, “to support growing operations with metal ceilings, OWA have also expanded its technical customer support”.

OWA by Amron will consist of popular products from the OWAtecta range of metal ceiling systems which will be stocked in the West Midlands. It offers designers and specifiers a range of metallic ceiling panels that provides a clean and contemporary look for any project whilst also improving lighting conditions and the working environment within a room or space.  The range includes the S45 system with 1522 perforated tiles and T15 grid, the clip-in system S22 with plain or 1522 perforated tiles and system S33 with T24 grid in white RAL9010 colour.

All installation situations can be realised with OWAtecta metal ceiling systems - not only in new properties but also as a part of renovation activities. The OWAtecta range is typically specified for commercial, leisure, education and the retail sectors due to its clean look which is an excellent alternative option to an exposed concrete soffit.