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Staying 'in in'

By Kelly Slociak, Marketing Manager

As I scroll through my daily newsfeed on social media, I, like most others are sharing to the world my new work station for the foreseeable future – my dining room table no longer looks like the clean, well-kept (apart from the odd letter, keys and hairband) centrepiece of the room like it used to. Instead, my Surface, big screen and all other office essentials are now our new lodgers. Whose idea was it to turn our spare room into a playroom? A home office is so overrated anyway.

In the grand scheme of things, this is totally manageable. I’m a working Mum, so I am feeling the same pressures like most. The schools and nurseries are closed, and I am in the midst of juggling a work/life balance. At first, the idea seemed daunting, my Husband still must go to work; how on earth am I going to do an honest day’s work whilst entertaining a 3-year-old? There’s no way she’s going to understand a rota, she’s not going to be forgiving when I have to leave the room for a call and there’s no way she’s going to understand why I can’t sit on the sofa with her and watch Frozen for the hundredth time.

OK, so I’m at a slight advantage that I have just the one child to entertain, and to be fair to her, she’s a good kid. So… like with any ‘workload’, I just need to be organised and prioritise. Our day usually starts around 6am, so that’s just under three hours of playing, PE with Joe Wicks and a bite to eat for breakfast before I need to log on. And then it hits me, this is the perfect opportunity for my child to see what Mummy does at work. She thinks work is where you literally go and make money. I kind of misinformed her of this, it was one of those ‘why’ questions and it was easier this way. I may have to backpedal and explain a little more, but we’ll cross that bridge.

It’s time to put into practice that ‘sharing is caring’ I’m sharing my workspace with her; she will sit right next to me with her hearts and graphs station aka arts and crafts. We will have music on and our computers in front of us. We will have all the essentials, French Fancies included (they are her favourite thing at the moment) and we are good to go.

She’s going to learn how to put a social media schedule together, create an E-shot and by the end of this week she’ll be answering all my emails (note all the positivity / wishful thinking!!) And of course we are making time for fun and educational stuff too, this morning we created a list of ‘challenges’, our first one is the Rainbow Challenge, where you create a rainbow from colourful objects from around the house, we then share a picture to our ‘play date’ friends who will then in turn do the same – the ‘new’ chain letter I guess.

Challenge ideas welcome… I wonder what challenge we could do with metal mesh. Answers on a postcard please!