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The Finishing Line: Powder Coating Processes

By Jonathan Reed, Director 

Whether you’re new to using powder coatings or an experienced pro, you’re probably aware that powder coating is an excellent painting method that creates a tough, durable and beautiful finish. 

Powder coating is a cost-effective way to apply an almost unlimited range of colours to metal and mesh products. Powder coating uses an electrostatic charge to attract a fluidised powder evenly across all surfaces of the mesh.  The electrostatic charge holds the pigmented powder until it passes through an oven where it melts and adheres permanently to the mesh. After curing, the mesh has a colourful and durable coating that adds to the desired aesthetic of the project. 

We have researched several different secondary finish processes that work well with expanded mesh, perforated and profiled sheet, woven wire and gratings. Different materials are subject to varying local environments, such as plain steel rusting in wet conditions, therefore it is essential that appropriate base materials and finishes for interior and exterior applications should be considered for your project. Secondary finishes can be applied to help achieve the desired colour, reflectivity, or where corrosion resistance characteristics are required. 

Working with high quality powder coating companies and to ensure the mesh stays true and square during the process, we only powder coat rigid architectural mesh and Banker Wire mesh if they are welded or attached into a framework.  

Here’s a look into our preferred secondary finish processes: - 


Anomatch architectural powders have been specially designed to represent architectural anodising on both aluminium and galvanized steel which are unique to Powdertech Corby. Anomatch creates a finish that enhances the metal with a lustrous sheen. Anodised aluminium has a reputation for its 'living' quality, with a natural metallic radiance.  


Developed to reflect metallic oxidation and natural patina both in colour and texture; such as rusted steel or Verdigris copper. The Evolution collection uses polyester resin systems to achieve excellent exterior durability and gloss retention. 

Evolution finishes can be applied to aluminium, mild steel, galvanized steel and most metal substrates. When used in combination with chrome-free pre-treatment, Evolution gives a long-lasting and hard-wearing finish. 


The Landscape collection is designed to replicate natural stone finishes found around the world. It uses polyester resin systems to achieve excellent exterior durability, colour and gloss retention for architectural applications - great if you want your project to complement the surrounding landscape or present a striking contrast.

You can learn more about additional benefits for the processes here: -