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Wellbeing in the workplace

By Anthony Millington, Business Development Manager

A business is nothing without its employees. The success and wellbeing of the business and employees go hand in hand, so for those that have that understanding have a greater sense of adaption, achievement and innovation within the workplace.

Adopting principles 

We all certainly have our days of feeling stressed, lack of control and unenthused, but having an employer who recognises these and understands they are detriment to staff and company is imperative. Not only can these factors escalate but can also be precursors to our mental health, so it starts at the top – there has to be a real commitment from leadership in order to influence the team by ‘actioning’ not just saying so and ticking a box.

For us, we are just one of many cogs in the design and creation of a building and considering we too spend a huge amount of time in the workplace means we fully understand it should be a haven where staff can thrive.

Well-managed, well-appreciated and well-resourced can have a lasting impact on employee engagement and organisational performance. Adopting these simple principles will help prevent stress and create a positive environment.

We understand

When approached by customers about our product, we don’t just give them what they ask for - that would be easy. We engage and understand the brief and then we consult on the best suitable product. We are passionate about how our product will interact and complement the project, I guess you could say we want the best for our product and the project just like we want the best for employees.

When working with Oktra to help provide a creative mesh solution for their project with sportswear brand, Gymshark, one of the first things we did was to gain an understanding of Gymshark - a business that prioritises its employees as well as its customers. Their brief was simple – create the ultimate gym exclusive to Gymshark employees to boost wellbeing at its Solihull headquarters.

This was a private space, that acts as a back-of-house facility and brings formerly outsourced functions together under one roof.

Working closely with Oktra we were able to recommend the most suitable expanded mesh to feature as partitions in the centre of the gym, the partitions had a dual purpose of creating a breakout area for employees but also providing a sense of privacy. Our Zircon 114 was best suited for the partition screens and were provided in mild steel, raw finish to help create an industrial look and feel to the space.

This was a brief we could fully relate to, a workplace that has adopted principles.