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Alpine C12

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Materials Mild Steel, Pre Galvanised, Stainless Steel
Property Flexible
Open area 47%
Thickness of mesh 13.5mm
Weight 12.6kg m2
Max Panel Size 4000mm x 10m

Alpine C12

Alpine C12 is an adaptation of Alpine 12, the main difference is two spiral coils are used on the width to create the diamond and cross effect. The coils are held in place by interconnecting crimp rods which run through the width of the mesh panel. The edges of the mesh as welded to provide additional strength.

Alpine 12 is perfect for cladding entire facades due to its continuous manufacturing process enabling large panels to be fabricated in one piece. Tensioning is also achieved using flat bars and eye bolts inserted into the top and bottom of the panels. This mesh also lends itself to be used for balustrades, metal curtains, partitions and space dividers.

Secondary finishes

Due to this product being a flexible mesh it does not lend itself to any secondary finishes. Therefore it is only available in its bare material finish.

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