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Arquifil AW55

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Materials Plastic
Property Flexible
Open area 52%
Thickness  478 µm
Weight 155g/m2

Arquifil AW55

Arquifil range has been developed specifically to bring exclusivity to glass through metal reflections creating outstanding and never dull aesthetic results. The wide product range, combined with glass , allows a vast combination of customizations that can make any project unique.

Arquifil is a 100% high tenacity polyester fabric, metalized and customizable product build for glass lamination and interior decorations. Therefore Arquifil is not a simple metal mesh, an oxidant fabric, a monochromatic product or just an industrial product reconverted for architectual applications.


Colour Options



Technical Data  

Arquifil AW55

Light Transmittance EN 410:2011

G-Value EN 410:2001

Maximum Roll Width

Interlayers Compatibility
PVB, Acoustic PVB, EVA, DG41, SentryGlass


Arquifil fabrics are manufactured through highly sophisticated and high tech production processes including plasma surface treatment , all ISO 9001 certified. All production processes have been developed with accuracy to specifically obtain an innovative product which combined performance and design.



Three reasons to choose Arquifil:

Arquifil product has been engineered for all glass applications, enabling architects and designers to obtain:


Creativity and aesthetic: Arquifil adds depth and uniqueness to the glass bringing a textile and customizable effect to the end result. On top of standard metallization, Arquifil is customizable with any desired color needed for each specific project.

Performance and energy saving: Arquifil can increase the technical performances of the glass in facades). Arquifil fabrics improves glass performances thanks to the possibility to calibrate the light and heat distribution, allowing space shading without the need of any additional structure / component to be installed on the facade.

Compatibility and safety: Arquifil is fully compatible with all interlayers used in glass lamination, such as: PVB standard and acoustic, SentryGlas, DG 41 and EVA. All metals in the range are oxidation-proof and very easy to be laminated with any glass.


Laminating Partners

At Amron we specialise in the supply of mesh only. However we can recommend the below companies to laminate our Arquifil range of meshes:


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