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Materials Stainless Steel
Property Flexible
Open area 1%
Thickness of mesh 8mm
Weight 25kg m2
Max Panel Size 1800mm x 3m

Hudson SS & SB

Hudson is a variation on our Alpine mesh range, it uses multiple spirals and cross rods per pitch. This compound structure closes up the apertures within the panel and gives Hudson its characteristic high density and flat surface.

Due to the multiple spirals we are able to interweave different materials into one panels, such as weaving Stainless Steel mixed with Brass (Hudson SB), or the traditional all Stainless Steel mesh panel (Hudson SS).

Hudson is perfect for internal wall cladding, as it can be glued directly onto MDF or another substrate and mounted directly to a wall. This process has been used for internal walls in offices, restaurants, shops and also lift interiors.

Secondary finishes

Due to this product being a flexible mesh it does not lend itself to any secondary finishes. Therefore it is only available in its bare material finish.

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