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Banker Wire IPZ-25

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Materials Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel & Brass, Stainless Steel & Bronze, Stainless Steel & Copper
Property Rigid
Open area 54%
Thickness of mesh 2.5mm
Weight 4.1kg m2

Banker Wire IPZ-25

A simple, lightweight, and modestly priced intercrimp/plain design that utilizes the strength of stainless steel to best advantage. Utilising different wire diameters for the warp and shute to achieve balanced stiffness in both directions, the intercrimp surface gives the material a high degree of reflective energy.

A beautiful contrast occurs when mixing a copper based alloy (Bronze, Brass, or Copper) with the stainless warp wires. The difference in color as well as the difference of diameter makes the IPZ-25 an exciting wire mesh to design with.


Secondary finishes

Amron Architectural has researched a number of different secondary finish processes that work well with expanded mesh, perforated sheet, woven wire, and gratings. Different materials are subject to varying local environment, therefore secondary finishes can be applied to help achieve the desired colour, reflectivity, or where corrosion resistance characteristics are required. Available secondary finishes for this mesh:

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