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Folding Screens

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Materials Polycarbonate
Property Flexible
Open area 80%
Thickness of mesh 15mm (0.6")
Weight 3kg m2 (0.6 lb/ft2)

Kaynemaile interior folding screens can be used to divide spaces temporarily then retracted when not needed.

They are ideal for creating smaller, more intimate spaces within big open plan areas. Perfect for restaurants and bars, open plan offices or event spaces where flexibility is required.We use Kaynemaile's own head track system and don’t rely on a bottom track. With a great colour range and a super low stack ratio our folding screens are the best-looking screens on the market.






Stack ratio: Approx. 15% of the overall width.
Weight: Mesh weighs 3kg m². Head track and folding system weighs approx. 1.6kgs per lineal metre.
Sizes: Standard components up to 4 metres high with unlimited width. Screens over 4 metres high may require upgraded componentry.
Colour palette: All Kaynemaile standard colours are suitable for interior use. For colour range see below.
Curved Screens: We can manufacture custom curved screens. Our standard minimum radius is 1000mm. 
Folding leave width: 425mm typical. Allow running clearance of 460-700mm.

Technical Specifications

Material: Engineering grade Makralon® polycarbonate, fire and UV resistant
Visual Open Area:  Approx. 25%
Physical Open Area:  Approx. 80%
Weight:  3kg m2 (0.6 lb/ft2)
Maximum Sheet Size:  Unlimited height and width
Screen Thickness:  15mm (0.6")
Diameter of ring:  22mm internal, 28mm external

Hanging System

Head track: 50mm high x 35mm wide anodised aluminium.
Folding mechanism: Stainless steel folding armatures.
Wheels: Nylon wheels. Stainless steel componentry.
Operation: Wand style pull handle. Satin stainless steel finish.

Supplied Hardware

Kaynemaile interior folding screens are supplied with Kaynemaile mesh, head track and folding armature system. Screw fixings are also supplied to fix into your ceiling or support structure. Track screw fixings are required every 500mm approx.



We can incorporate single or split leaves on one head track run. Either end can be specified as fixed to a wall or post or both can be open and operable.


Our screens are easily opened and closed using our satin stainless-steel wand rods.

Site requirements

Ceiling head track — the track needs to be fixed into a rigid and level sub-structure strong enough to support the weight and operation of the screen. Suspended or lightweight ceilings are not suitable as substrates and will require additional blocking or sub-structure.

Vertical ends — fixed ends require a suitable substrate to attach the vertical track to. Plaster board or light weight wall linings are not suitable.


How to order your screens

To order a Kaynemaile folding screen we need to know:

  • The overall height from the top fixing point (i.e. the underside of beam of finished ceiling) to the finished floor point
  • The width of the opening from edge to edge
  • The configuration of leaves and vertical fixed ends
  • Colour



Colour Options

Kaynemaile can be produced in virtually any colour, giving you unlimited options for your exterior or interior project.

We offer a range of standard colours (pictured below) which can be used for interior applications.

All Kaynemaile standard colours are suitable for interior use.

Custom Colours: Kaynemaile can manufacture virtually any custom colour for you. We work off standard RAL or Pantone colour codes. Supply us the colour codes and we can provide the swatches for final approval before manufacture. Contact us for more information.


Water Clear

Ice Blue

Flat White






Obsidian Black

Translucent Black

Ruby Red

Azure Blue

Jade Green



Technical Specifications

Fixing Systems



Kaynemaile Interior Brochure

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Interior Hanging Screen - Tech Sheet

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Interior Framed Screen - Tech Sheet

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Interior Folding Screen - Tech Sheet

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Interior Lockable Folding Screen - Tech Sheet

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Kaynemaile Architectural mesh is a patented, world-leading innovation. 


Stronger and lighter than glass. It weighs 3kg per m2 making it a perfect choice where a low static load on buildings is required. Plus our light weight makes handling on site easy.

Fire Resistant

Kaynemaile mesh achieved a Group 1S in the AS/ISO 9705 room test (equivalent to the NFPA 286 room corner test). With an ASTM D 2843 smoke index of 70.9°, ASTM 635 HB-CCI and NFPA 701-pass. We use FR-V0 material that is rated self-extinguishing. Contact Kaynemaile for more specific information for your location.

Cost effective

Kaynemaile mesh goes up fast, cutting down the install time dramatically and saving costs. Our systems are simple and our light weight means we don’t need the same level of fixings as metal products. This means our installed rate is more cost effective than other metal products or glass panels.

10 Year Warranty

Kaynemaile products have a 10 year standard warranty. Kaynemaile mesh is UV stabilised using inorganic colours for long term stability and full recyclability.

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