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Residential Facades

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Materials Polycarbonate
Property Flexible
Open area 80%
Thickness of mesh 15mm (0.6")
Weight 3kg m2 (0.6 lb/ft2)

Providing shade from the sun and adding privacy, Kaynemaile has been used on a variety of residential projects from individual homes to large scale apartment buildings.





Kaynemaile Architectural mesh is a patented, world-leading innovation. We think the benefits of the Kaynemaile product are extraordinary.


Super-Fast Installation

Kaynemaile mesh is lightweight (3kg per square metre) and goes up fast, cutting down the install time dramatically and saving costs.

Fire Resistant

Kaynemaile mesh achieved a Group 1S in the AS/ISO 9705 room test (equivalent to the NFPA 286 room corner test). With an ASTM D 2843 smoke index of 70.9°, ASTM 635 HB-CCI and NFPA 701-pass. We use FR-V0 material that is rated self-extinguishing. Contact Kaynemaile for more specific information for your location.

Solar Reduction

Kaynemaile significantly reduces both radiant heat through direct sunlight (EMR) and thermal conductive heat from entering the interior of a building by up to 70%. This gives you the ability to let daylight in and manage the passive solar gain — all while maintaining visual transparency.

10 Year Warranty

Kaynemaile® Architectural Mesh for interior and exterior applications has a 10 year standard warranty.


Exterior Colour Options

We’ve come up with a range of standard colours to give you a wide range of looks for your exterior project.

Our standard Kaynemaile colour range for exterior applications includes: Bronze, Copper, Steel, Obsidian Black, Translucent Black and Silver. All colours are in a gloss finish.

Custom Colours: Kaynemaile can manufacture virtually any custom colour for you. We work off standard RAL or Pantone colour codes. Supply us the colour codes and we can provide the swatches for final approval before manufacture. Contact us for more information.







Obsidian Black

Translucent Black