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Pitch 25

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Materials Mild Steel
Property Rigid
Open area 77%
Compatible Grids 15mm & 24mm
Weight 4.7kg m2
Tile Sizes 600 x 600mm
600 x 1200mm

Pitch 25 Metal Mesh Ceiling Tile

Pitch 25 Metal Mesh Ceiling Tile is an ideal choice to achieve an industrial and contemporary look for any project. The range is designed so you can replace your current ceiling tiles with our metal mesh ceiling tiles with ease and without replacing your grid system. The tiles can also be installed with new grid systems, such as 15mm and 24mm.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and next project so we can recommend the best specification for your application.

Secondary finishes

Amron Architectural has researched a number of different secondary finish processes that work well with expanded mesh, perforated sheet, woven wire, and gratings. Different materials are subject to varying local environment, therefore secondary finishes can be applied to help achieve the desired colour, reflectivity, or where corrosion resistance characteristics are required.

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