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Quadro 10

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Materials Stainless Steel
Property Flexible
Open area 70%
Thickness of mesh 5.2mm
Weight 4.9kg m2
Max Panel Size 3600mm x 10m

Quadro 10

Quadro 10 is unique to Amron Architectural, it was originally designed to be used as a conveyor belt in the food industry and still is used on machines to this day. Due to its unique appearance and manufacturing process it lends itself very well to architectural and interior design applications such as full height internal lift and stair case cladding, as well as metal curtains. With an open area of 70% it provides excellent visual disturbance to break up areas within offices and larger residential projects.

Secondary finishes

Due to this product being a flexible mesh it does not lend itself to any secondary finishes. Therefore it is only available in its bare material finish.

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