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Banker Wire SJD-4

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Materials Mild Steel, Pre Galvanised, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper
Property Rigid
Open area 54%
Thickness of mesh 8.1mm
Weight Enquire per design

Banker Wire SZ-4

The SJD-4 promotes the concept of “Variable Pitch” in the Banker Wire manufacturing process. With a given crimp “Pitch” (wire pocket), you the designer can create the frequency of the weave. Your frequency called out, controls the visual pattern along with the screen density so that a perfect mesh is custom created to suit appearance as well as function. This concept can be applied to many other weave styles.

As shown, the SJD-4 variable pitch between the warp wires creates a gradient effect, transitioning from a tightly-spaced, nearly opaque weave to an open, transparent fabric. The larger scale is suitable for exteriors and facades as well as interiors.

Secondary finishes

Amron Architectural has researched a number of different secondary finish processes that work well with expanded mesh, perforated sheet, woven wire, and gratings. Different materials are subject to varying local environment, therefore secondary finishes can be applied to help achieve the desired colour, reflectivity, or where corrosion resistance characteristics are required. Available secondary finishes for this mesh:

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