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Wedge Wire Stair Treads

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Materials Stainless Steel
Property Rigid
Open area 50%
Typical Size 250mm x 900mm
Weight 9.23kg per tread
Loadings 5 kN/m²

A560 A12.7x2

Specification: A560 A12.7x2
Aperture: 5mm
Frame: Typically 50 x 5mm
Fixing: Typically bolted directly to stringers

Wedge Wire Stair Treads use cutting edge manufacturing techniques to produce a extremely strong, robust and durable product, which combines practicality with a unique appealing aesthetic appearance.

The open area of the grilles, as well as the size of profile wire, can vary to replicate the architects chosen design, however the A560 A12.7x2 is most commonly used due to the aperture being 5mm.

if you need a bespoke stair tread please contact our design team who will be more than willing to assist.

Secondary finishes

Wedge Wire is only available in Stainless Steel, and the only finish we offer is a Bead Blast finish to help with slip resistance.


Wedge Wire Fixing Methods

We have a range of fixings that are designed for many different applications, which satisfy architects technical preference and also do not impair the wedge wire’s aesthetic appearance. We understand that every project is different and therefore a standard fixing may not work, we are able to work with you to design a special fixing for your project requirements.


Surface flush mounted fixing blocks

Drilled frame fixing

Interlocking hidden fixing

Hidden latch fixing

Hidden latch fixing

Hidden spring retention clip system

Hidden spring retention clip system

Wire rope clamp system

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