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Powdercoating - Landscape

Landscape - Powdercoating

The Landscape Collection is designed to replicate natural stone finishes found around the world. It uses polyester resin systems to achieve excellent exterior durability, colour and gloss retention for architectural applications. You may want your project to complement the surrounding landscape or present a striking contrast.
  • Excellent weather resistence
  • Tactile finish
  • Good edge coverage
  • Leaves no residue when touched
  • Easy maintenance to maintain desired finish
  • Provides a good level of consistency or a level of inconsistency that natural material provide.



Maximum Sheet Size: 2000 x 4000mm
Base Material: Mild Steel, Galvanised, Aluminium
Use: Interior and Exterior
Products Available on: Architectural Mesh, Banker Wire, Expanded Mesh, Perforated Sheet, Gratings








White Calcite