Guest blog: Staying socially connected

By Anthony Millington 08-12-2020

Challenging times ahead continue and the demand for creative solutions in shared spaces to ensure we are physically distancing from one another yet, staying socially connected are still very much in demand. Here,  Aida Roca, Area Sales Manager at Kriskadecor, a company that creates highly customised projects made with anodised aluminium chain links, explains how creating dramatic spaces can change atmospheres with feature designs in bespoke colours and sizes yet ensuring a safe distance.

The “new normal” will have a direct impact on the design of shared spaces given the need to implement protection and physical distancing guidelines in public spaces including bars, restaurants, hotels, offices and shops.

To adapt to this new reality, we offer a lightweight, durable and sustainable alternative that is more relevant than ever: fully customised dividers which can define common areas, manage the flow of people, organise access or create subspaces without the need to implement heavy structures.

With anodised aluminium chain links, we create design solutions that encourage people to remain separate, transmitting security, confidence, and positive emotions. In addition, due to the versatility and lightness of the chains, the partitions integrate perfectly into any project.

Likewise, thanks to the translucency of the chains, our partitions manage to ‘separate without dividing’, that is to say, create subspaces that do not break the visual field, maintaining the feeling of spaciousness and allowing light to flow freely.

For its part, the client can choose colours, shapes, and dimensions, as well as fixed or mobile systems that are easy to install. It is also possible to reproduce signage elements such as logos or icons, patterns and images in high definition thanks to in-house technology and a 24 colour-palette in brilliant and satin finishes.

As an innovative company, we continually push our limits in terms of aesthetics, creativity and technological advancement. In addition, our technical department collaborates in the development of projects from beginning to end, so the client will be accompanied throughout the process.

It should be noted that both the chains and the rails are made entirely of aluminium, a 100% recyclable material that fits into any project that ensures sustainability. In fact, approximately 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still used today!

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