AC100 - Lay-in Mesh Tiles

The AC100 Series is a range of lay-in metal mesh ceiling tiles (600x600mm and 600x1200mm) designed to sit into a 24mm suspended ceiling grid system.

The lay-in mesh tiles are suitable for internal applications, and can be used for large or small ceiling areas with a simple and effective installation. Services and lighting can be incorporated in the panels and access to the services above can be achieved by lifting the tiles up and out of the way.

Typical applications where the AC100 Series can be installed include:

  • Commercial: Office, Meeting Rooms, Corridors, Conference Centres
  • Recreation and Culture: Museums, Sport Stadiums, Arenas
  • Education: Schools, Libraries
  • Hospitality: Hotels and Restaurants
  • Retail: Shops
  • Transport: Airports, Train Stations

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