AC500 - Cloud System

The AC500 Series is a range of made to order clouds rafts that use 600 x 600mm mesh lay in tiles. There is not a standard size for the AC500 Series as it can be manufactured in increments of 600mm. However if you require a size that is not in increments of 600mm we can provide bespoke mesh panels.

The cloud frames are manufactured from aluminium, and the grid is a 24mm T section, mesh panels are then laid into the grid. This means that the mesh can easily be removed if access is required to services above. The clouds have a simple installation and suspension method, which involves uses ceiling wire or galvanised angles directly to the T-section.

Typical applications where the AC500 Series can be installed include:

  • Commercial: Office, Meeting Rooms, Corridors, Conference Centres
  • Recreation and Culture: Museums, Sport Stadiums, Arenas
  • Education: Schools, Libraries
  • Hospitality: Hotels and Restaurants
  • Retail: Shops
  • Transport: Airports, Train Stations

Compatible Meshes

Zircon RB25 RAL 9006 systems

Zircon RB25

Zircon RB35 RAL 9006 systems

Zircon RB35

Zircon RB55 RAL 9006 systems

Zircon RB55

Zircon_60_RAL_9006 systems

Zircon 60

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