There are as many options as your imagination can reach when using Kriskadecor. The aluminium chains are fully customisable to cover every space and ambient needed on a project. It does not matter if it is a ceiling, a façade, space dividers, curtains or even a standalone piece of art, there is a solution and the results are always stunning.

Kriskadecor is used to design in personality to a project, it offers different density options, as it is a metal fabric, you have the freedom to create inspiring spaces, in different colours or even with a custom images.


There are as many different applications that Kriskadecor chains can be used for. Due to the flexibility and customisation of our chains we are able to cover every space on your project. Some of the most common applications includes ceilings, wall coverings, space dividers, curtains and even furniture.


Office divider with Kriskadecor chains

Partitioning / Space Dividers

Wall covering using Kriskadecor gold chains

Wall Covering

Kriskadecor Circular Ceiling feature with multiple layaers and colours


Kriskadecor balustrade installation in a hotel with yellow and black chains

Decorative Balustrades

Kriskadecor bespoke Barcelona FC football shirt installation


Kriskadecor feature lighting

Feature Installations

Technical Benefits

Technical Specifications

– Anodised aluminium link: Kriska 2 mm and Snina 1,5 mm.

– Maximum static load without break: Kriska 17kg (approx.) / Snina 11 kg (approx.)

– Aluminium Chain with anodized coating between 8,5 and 12 microns, depending of colour and finish.

– Material composition of 99,7% in Aluminium, with a minimum of 20% of recycled aluminium.

– Soft finish. No roughness perceptible in coating when microscopically magnified up to 23 times.

– 40% to 60% opacity with a 90º incidence of light, depending on the spacing between chains and on the finishing of the chains (brilliant or satin).

– No electrical conductivity.

– No sound absorption.

– Non-flammable. Fire ratings A1 and A1FL

– Resistant to acids with a pH value up to 8 (not resistant to alkaline products).

– Avoid cleaning with products with pH higher than 8.

– Rustproof.

– Working temperature allowed: -30ºC up to 50ºC.

– Resistant to seawater and oxidation.


Kriska – Standard – 3.03kg m2

Kriska – Half-drop – 3.88kg m2

Snina – Standard – 2.25kg m2

Snina – Half-drop – 2.96kg m2

The aluminium in the Kriskadecor links goes through a special anodising treatment, specially designed for the chains, which gives them improved robustness and offers high colour resistance against climatic factors, wear and rusting. This allows for interior as well as exterior uses.

Chain Measurements

Projects can be adapted to any size, height and width. Aluminium is a very light element and it is easy to handle.

Material is delivered with the measurements as indicated by the customer.
The sizes always include the rail and the support system.

Due to the size of the meshes and the spaces between strands, the measurements may not be exact, although they are as close as technically possible to the height and width requested, without exceeding these measurements.

For better chain presence, we recommend leaving a 2cm space at the bottom of the curtain.


Our links have been through a decorative anodising process. All Kriskadecor’s anodising machinery has been developed by our team and the whole production process is made in-house in our own facilities.

This electrochemical process fixes the colour to the aluminium chain and also creates a cover which provides protection against light and humidity.

One of our main characteristics is the wide range of colours we do offer to our customers.

Kriskadecor’s aluminium anodised links’ maintenance is quite simple as it can be cleaned with water and neutral soap.

Installation & Maintenance

The material is supplied ready to install, including the rail and fasteners. Installation is simple and does not require specialised personnel.

Before installation, check that the element where the structure or curtain will be installed will be able to take its weight.

For chain maintenance, clean with water and mild soap (not basic). Vapour or water pressure machines can also be used.

Standard Colours & Finishes

We want to fill the world with colour. We love to materialise emotions through the combination of metal chains with intense hues in brilliant and satin finishes for both Kriska and Snina links. We offer a standard range of anodised colours, if the colour you require isn't in the standard colour palette we are able to provide chains in RAL colours.

Special Colours & Finishes

Kriskadecor chains are available in a wide rage of different styles, from solid colour, to highly pixelated images and gradients to bespoke graphics and text. The options are truly endless for how to utilise the chain in and around and building.

Fixing Systems


  • Straight
  • Curved

This rounded anodized aluminium track is the smartest option with an elegant finishing.


  • Straight
  • Curved
  • Undulated

If shapes are required the 40x3 track is the most suitable option.

Minioval - Moveable

  • Straight
  • Curved

When mobility is required, the minioval moveable track is the best solution because it can be opened and closed.

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