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There are as many options as your imagination can reach, as our aluminium chain is fully customisable to cover every space and ambient need. It does not matter if it is a ceiling, a façade, space dividers, curtains or even a standalone piece of art. Results are always stunning.

Kriskadecor is used to design in personality, offering different density options, as it is a metal fabric, you have the freedom to create inspiring spaces, in different colours or even with a custom print. 


Kriskadecor for Design

Every project is unique, which is why we think about every detail and can develop solutions to your needs and desires. With different fixation methods Krisdadecor can offer both practical and stunning options for dividing spaces, covering walls and creating ceiling and cladding designs.


Kriskadecor for Art

A picture is worth a thousand words - and we have found the way to translate these emotions through our custom graphical architectural design solutions. We can reproduce any picture, pattern, graphic or corporate design. Utilising our mosaic inspired approach every link acts as a pixel.


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