Multiplex is transforming 48 Carey Street, Holborn, London into a new residential development which will contain 201 luxury apartments, over 2 basements and 10 floors.

The scheme has been designed by Studio Urquiola and the inner apartments will enjoy floor to ceiling windows that highlight the serenity of the local area. 

Studio Urquiola specified Banker Wire M22-83 in Bronze and Stainless Steel for different areas within the development such as feature walls, ceilings and lighting fittings. M22-83 uses a pair of nested helical crimped woven wire to define the circular mesh shape. The unique reflective surfaces of the circle mesh is doubled in perfect unison.

Bronze and stainless steel wires were chosen as they complimented the scheme perfectly but also assisted in creating a modern and elegant look.

M22-83 also featured in bespoke partition panels for the marketing suite for the new development.

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