The AC Hotel Dallas Frisco has a design scheme defined by European-style-meets-Southern-hospitality. A brand known for its “art-centric” approach, this Autograph Collection hotel is driven by classic, modern design, with clean lines and intricate details modelled after the European and Spanish roots of the locale.

For the hotel’s bar area, in particular, the defining focal point is an integrated bottle rack and lighting installation, suspended above the bar. To create this dramatic centerpiece, DMU in collaboration with MATTEC Interiors looked to Banker Wire’s IPZ-25 in stainless steel and bronze, a wire mesh pattern that provides aesthetic dynamism in both colour and form.

Specified in the stainless steel and bronze finish, IPZ-25 is a simple, lightweight intercrimp wire mesh design that utilises the strength of stainless steel to its advantage. Using different wire diameters for the warp and shute to achieve balanced stiffness in both directions, the intercrimp surface gives the material a high degree of reflective energy. Similarly, when mixing a copper-based alloy bronze, in this instance with the stainless warp wires, a beautiful contrast occurs; the variance in colour, combined with the difference of diameter, makes the IPZ-25 the perfect choice for a lighting installation. For this application, the stainless steel and bronze complement the neutral colours found throughout the bar and lounge area, creating a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

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