Launched in the early 2000s, Gear4music is a leading retailer of musical instruments and music equipment. From starter guitars to pro microphones and amps; the shop has a huge range of some of the biggest music brands available.

Located in York, Gear4music set lead designers, Gray Architectural Design the two-part project of refurbishing their newly found office space. After a successful completion of the first phase of the refurbishment, the designers wanted to ensure the overall theme was continued through to the ‘break-out room’, as it gave the desired industrial and reclaimed look that G4M wanted. The upgrade was very much needed after G4M purchased the building – it was outdated and required a complete overhaul. This included oak floors, reclaimed pallet wood cladding and scaffold furniture.

At first the ceiling was not going to be upgraded, and the existing ceiling tiles and grids were just going to be painted black, until towards the end of the project when the designers decided this could potentially ruin the final look. Instead, taking inspiration from Amron’s portfolio of ceiling projects, the designers specified our Zircon RB35 metal mesh ceiling tiles, complete with a black finish to help bring the industrial look to life. The completed project is now a trendy, yet sophisticated area, in keeping with the ethos of G4M.

“The ceiling at first, wasn’t going to be upgraded, and the existing ceiling tiles and grid was only going to be painted black, until the very end, when it became apparent that it would ruin the overall look and feel of the completed project. At this point, I researched into trying to find something different and came across Amron’s website and focussed on the university project, with the see through mesh ceiling tiles and the multi coloured lights within the ceiling void.” Dean Gray, Managing Director, Gray Architectural Design.

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