Expanded Mesh Ceiling panels help The Brewery Building reference the area’s local industrial past by adopting a contemporary warehouse aesthetic.

Squire & Partners completed a full redesign of The Brewery Building, a reimagining of an existing 1970s office building in Islington, London.

Amron worked directly with Squire and Partners in the design and manufacture of 4 bespoke floating expanded mesh ceiling panels in the newly renovated entrance area.

The design intent was to use industrial materials but give them a modern look and feel, this was achieved by powder coating all of the panels in a gloss black powder coat finish. When set against the exposed concrete walls and ceilings the ceilings panels help create the desired finish the designers visualised at the beginning of the project.

RB35 was the chosen expanded mesh due to its open area providing enough visibility to see the feature lights mounted to the rear of the ceiling panels.

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