The Percy Gee Building is located at the heart of the Leicester University campus which has undergone a redevelopment and will be the hub of student activity.

Now created with flexible, multi-use areas all in one space, the building includes a new campus kitchen which will provide a range of varied cuisines for students, staff, and visitors. This is a space occupied by Millennials and Gen Z and the décor needed to reflect their styles and trends. The interiors of the kitchen have taken inspiration from the industrial look and W-18/76 profiled aluminium sheet from wellTEC by Amron was specified for the interior wall.

Although the sheet is a ‘shiny metal’, the appearance was enhanced by being given a weathered and rusted feel – this was achieved by a powder coat finish by specialists, Powdertech Corby. Their collection of powders include a range of finishes which replicate patination/rust on metal, giving a ‘Corten’ appearance but with no rusty residue which could mark clothing and other surfaces. ‘Firebox’ from the Evolution range was chosen which gives a very natural ‘rusted’ look with no two panels looking the same. One of the key benefits in using this finish is that it can be cleaned like any other powder coating with minimal maintenance.

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