Old Spitalfields Market - London

Breathing a new lease of life into the historic market, our metal mesh pods allow traders to sell produce whilst providing an open feel throughout the market rather than traditional enclosures. 

The Old Spitalfields Market is located in the historic heart of East London, on a site that has had a market for over 350 years. The Victorian structure, built by Robert Horner in 1875 as a wholesale market, is now a popular fashion, arts and crafts, and food destination.

Old Spitalfields Market was the focus of a major restoration in 2018, the new revamp of the market stalls and food units by Foster + Partners enhances the quality and reinforces the unique identity of one of London’s most  vibrant and long standing covered markets.

Given the variety of products on offer, following a different theme each day of the week, Foster + Partners were required to create a sense of coherence to the market stalls.

Amron worked directly with Foster + Partners to recommend the most suitable metal mesh for the new pods. The mesh needed to be unique in appearance, whilst offering a sense of openness but providing the required amount of security when the market pods are not in use.

Banker Wire S-50 was chosen as the most suitable mesh that met all of the requirements set by the design team. The mesh was supplied to Factory Settings who fabricated the entire pods


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