Private Residence - London


Antique architectural mesh balustrade provides a striking contrast between old and new in a modern London townhouse.

ATTOL Architecture & Interiors recently renovated a London townhouse and worked closely with Amron in order to choose and specify the most suitable architectural mesh for a new balustrade system. With ATTOL's clear vision, Banker Wire SJD-2 as chosen due to the irregular mesh pattern that seems to go on infinitely, so much so that it is very hard to tell where it repeats.

The desired finish for the mesh was to achieve an aged look so that there would be a striking and purposeful contrast between old and new in the home. SJD-2 was manufactured in mild steel, which then enabled it to be electroplated in an antique brass secondary finish. The mesh perfectly complements the wooden handrails on the balustrade system and climbing wall whilst helping to add to the overall effect the architect's envisaged at the beginning of the project.