December 8th 2021

Putting on a façade with metal profiled sheet

By Anthony Millington

Along with the roof, the façade is one of the most important elements of the building envelope. Not only does it act as the primary barrier against weathering and corrosion, but it also protects the occupants and is popular for adding a valuable characteristic to the overall building.

Traditionally used agriculturally for cladding sheds – metal profiled sheet is now very much considered a feature for commercial buildings for both interiors and exteriors. It is ideal for challenging projects due to its versatility, decorative virtues and functionality and can be produced in almost any metal and every finish imaginable to allow architects and designers the freedom they need to create.   

Using innovative technology and flexible processes on their widest range of profiled sheet metal, the wellTEC® range is exclusively distributed by metal specialists, Amron Architectural consists of a variety of different profiles including sinusoidal, trapezoidal, zigzag and special profiles. They are all suitable for bringing bespoke creativity to life for not just the external envelope but also internal cladding, ceilings, roofs, staircases, and balustrades. Moreover, wellTEC® profiles can be produced from coils up to a width of 2,000mm and a thickness of up to 3mm to lengths of up to 5,500mm

WellTEC’s versatility also means that the metal can be pre-aged, coated to preserve the original shine or completely transformed by powder coating to an endless number of colours and textures. So, not only does it allow a decorative colour coating, but it can also be applied to imitate patinas such as rust or aged copper. This method of finishing allows you to transform tired facades into modern, durable ones.

As diverse as your ideas

The Ahrenshoop Museum of Art in Germany, designed by Staab Architekten, is a spectacular sculptural project using a metal envelope made from a special copper alloy. The profile structure of the brass cladding that was implemented is a great example of just how unique the cladding profiled sheet can look, especially teamed with the striking Tecu Gold finish. This process allows edges and bends of metal strips to be configured according to the buildings needs, that could not be finished any other way. The architect’s design was inspired by an old photo that was taken in the region, which shows a group of similarly shaped, thatched buildings, the traditional local building style was to be transformed into modern museum architecture.

If you want to bring your creativity to life in the design of your facades without having to compromise dimensional accuracy and product quality, then profiled sheets are the design solution for you.

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