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By Anthony Millington 01-10-2020

Despite its simplicity and minimal design tropes, industrial chique manages to create a bold statement and has proven to be a popular style choice within a space. The style was created over 40 years ago when architects and property developers began converting industrial buildings into modern homes. Raw elements of structures are being focused on and the exposure of brickwork and piping is now being considered as stylish and characterful.

Style Inspiration

Style inspiration can come from everywhere and anywhere, so a clearly defined image of what you’re looking to achieve is a good place to start before adopting the look. Industrial design is about natural textures, clean lines and simplicity but also about enhancing the origins and provenance of the building. The rawness of those exposed features can on their own give an industrial feel, but it is a fine line between stylish and unfinished; correctly choosing what to open up and what to keep out of sight gives you the opportunity to be creative.

When renovating a space, industrial style combined with the historical elements of the past can transform the room, allowing occupants to work or live in it comfortably. Originally it was felt that natural and neutral tones work best when teamed with architectural materials such as metal, however splashes of bright colour add a vibrancy to lift and enhance the original features. With the architecture of the building at the forefront, one area to consider is the ceiling – when exposed, it highlights the rawness of the metal, giving the overall industrial look. You can also give the panels a gloss or matt powder coat or inject colour to create a standout finish.  

The Brewery Building

We worked with the architects and design team at Squire and Partners who wanted a full redesign of The Brewery Building in Islington, London. They wanted to reference the area’s local industrial past by adopting a contemporary warehouse aesthetic of the existing 1970s office building.

Four bespoke floating expanded mesh ceiling panels were created for the newly renovated entrance area of the building. The design intent was to use industrial materials but give them a modern look and feel, this was achieved by powder coating all the panels in a gloss black powder coat finish.

When set against the exposed concrete walls and ceilings, the ceilings panels helped create the aesthetic the designers visualised at the beginning of the project.

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