We have joined the FIS!

By Jonathan Reed 12-10-2020

FIS is the trade association for the finishes and interiors sector. It is a not-for-profit representative body for the £10 billion finishes and interiors sector in the UK. The organisation exists to support its members, improve safety, minimise risk, enhance productivity and drive innovation in the sector.

Through their leadership and working closely with members, their mission is bringing the interiors and finishes supply chain together to be a driving force for change and set FIS members up for success.

“One of our core values is focused on our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service and meeting the demand of what is required. Many of our customers are FIS members, so this will allow us to continue to educate ourselves on best practices and what our customers require and support FIS work in driving positive change”.

Jonathan Reed, Managing Director at Amron Architectural

Our membership with the FIS will see Amron Architectural connect and engage with other members and will be profiled on FIS’ members page.

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