June 20th 2021

Why ceilings must be considered in a post-pandemic world

By Anthony Millington

When looking for inspiration or trying to think of the words to say, what do you do? You look up. Naturally when we are trying to conjure up an idea or we are stumped and looking for inspiration we tend to look up as a source of concentration. With many workers now returning to the office post lockdown and restrictions, the need to have an office space that gets their creative juices flowing is more important than ever as we all readapt to office life. How can we do that? With a well-considered ceiling.

If we look back to the 1960’s when the culture of the office really started to take hold, the ceiling tended to look dull and uninspiring. With more people in the office, an open plan office with private offices and meeting rooms were the norm.  But the ceiling was not traditionally considered in building design and employee wellbeing. Contiguous ceilings with a monolithic appearance were popular but not entirely aesthetically pleasing. The need to stack offices on top of each other as quickly as possible took priority meaning the design of the ceiling would often be overlooked.

Fast forward a few decades and the focus was on suspended and dropped ceilings. Usually synonymous with fibrous ceiling panels which age over time and surely show it with stains and broken corners. Thus, having a negative impact on employees by neglecting to not create an inspiring and modern place to work in.

With more businesses being conscious of mental health and wellbeing, acoustic ceiling panels became a popular choice as it gives the impression of a light-weight ceiling which assists the flow of natural light. Stone wall ceiling panels are also popular as they are anti-microbial and achieves Class A fire protection which provides high levels of sound absorption.

But the real key player when it comes to ceiling design is metal mesh. Extremely popular for expanded modern ceiling design options due to its versatility, metal mesh encourages air flow and natural light whilst vastly increasing the aesthetics. Plus, they are generally made from recycled material meaning that businesses can be sure that they are doing their bit for the environment. Our ceiling panels can be manufactured or fabricated into predesigned shapes and sizes. You can also powder coat it to a colour and style that best fits in with your company’s ethos.

Mesh ceilings can also be manufactured as modular tiles or bespoke to a size or shape you require. The tiles are stiff, light, and easy to install with no extra tensioning or bracing as it is often needed with the flexible meshes. They are also very hard wearing and can withstand impacts far better than fibrous ceiling panels.

Another design option is ceiling drapery. Thanks to our partnership with Kriskadecor, you can now create inspiring spaces using aluminium chains. These chains can be utilised in various shapes, patterns and colours to create a jaw-dropping ceiling feature. You can even reproduce images and patterns combining a wide range of colours in brilliant and satin finishes.

Now is the time to create inspiring spaces, let’s start with the ceiling!

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